Be a Tree

Half of all kids are bitten by a dog by the time they are 12 years old. A good percentage of these bites come from a dog the child knows. Education is the key to preventing bad interactions between dogs and children.

The Be a Tree program is a dog bite prevention seminar for school-age children. This program focuses on fun and interactive activities to teach children to read dog body language and how to act safely around both their own dog and strange dogs.

The program was designed by Doggone Safe, a 501(c)3 registered non profit organization. Click Here to visit their site.

Doggone Safe! Mission Statement
To promote education initiatives for the purpose of dog bite prevention and increased child safety around dogs. To provide tools and resources to professional dog trainers, behavior consultants and pet care professionals to support dog bite prevention education.

Want to have the presentation delivered to your daycare, school, boy or girl scout troop, or church group? Ariel is a presenter of the Be a Tree seminar. Please contact us for information on how to schedule. No fee is charged for the presentation. However, a small compensation may be requested when travel time exceeds 30 minutes.