Intake and Goal Assessment



This form helps me understand where you and your dog are, and where you want to be. You will receive a copy of your answers. Please retain them for your records. If you have any issues, please contact us.

If your dog is a mixed breed, please indicate which breeds, to the best of you ability
If yes, please indicate where the training took place and what approach to training was taken (particular training methods, equipment), and if that training yielded results.
Please select all that apply
Please select all that apply
If you answer yes, please elaborate in the next few questions
If you check any boxes, please elaborate for EACH in the next question
Include as much detail as possible on specific events, times, circumstances, behavior observed, etc
Please include when and where your dog does this.
Please be specific and list as many things as you would like. Examples would be walking nicely on a leash, earning a title, learning a specific behavior, etc.
This may include things such as competitive sports, therapy work, specific testing, etc.