Services & Pricing

Basic Manners/General Training

Virtual Training is available to allow you to take lessons in the comfort of your own home without distractions. Please call or contact us if you would like to set up a video conference.

Manners all dogs should know include walking on a leash, greeting people without jumping, impulse control, and performing basic behaviors like sit, down, wait, and come, just to name a few. This training will also prepare you and your dog for programs such as Canine Good Citizen and Pet Dog Ambassador.

All packages include email support, priority scheduling, a Google Drive folder with session notes and handouts, PDA assessments, and Do More with Your Dog trick and fitness title assessments.

Training Package Pricing

Program Description Pricing
Bronze Program 4 x 60 minute sessions $320
Silver Program 4 x 60 minute sessions
4 x 30 minute sessions
Gold Program 8 x 60 minute sessions
4 x 30 minute sessions

Single Lessons

Single lessons DO NOT include email support or the other perks of packages.
30 minutes- $60
60 minutes- $90

Canine Good Citizen Testing

Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine, or Urban Canine Good Citizen tests. Each test has 10 steps to evaluate your dog’s manners when out and about.

  • 1 Test: $16
  • Travel fees may apply if travelling more than 10 miles

For more information, please contact us.

Pet Dog Ambassador Assessments

The Pet Dog Ambassador (PDA) program is for dog guardians to test their knowledge, skills, and ability to handle their canine companion in real life settings, with levels 1-5.

  • Level Assessment: $11
  • Travel fees may apply if travelling more than 10 miles

For more information, please contact us.

Walk This Way (Self-Paced Class)

Walk This Way was created to break leash walking skills into bite-size pieces and set dogs and their owners up for success. Topics include how to hold the leash, turns, changing pace, and more. This course is great for anyone just starting out with leash walking or those who feel they need some remedial leash training. This course is NOT intended to modify or assist with aggressive or reactive behavior. Course is on Google Classroom and will require a Gmail account for access (Gmail is free). To post videos for feedback, you will need to take videos of yourself and your dog and be able to upload them to a Google form (instructions included) or post them to Youtube and share the link.
Please follow this link to sign up.

Service Dog Training

Service dogs are trained to perform tasks for their handler to alleviate a disability (or disabilities) the handler has. Training a service dog is very intense for both the dog and the handler, and many teams wash out of training because they are unable to meet the requirements. The process often takes over a year and there is no guarantee that any dog is capable of such work.

Please be aware that your dog will need to be evaluated for suitability prior to being accepted into the service dog training program, and you will be required to show documentation from your physician, on practice letterhead with physician name and signature, to verify that you qualify for a service dog. If you think you qualify for a service dog and would like to know what your options are, please contact us.

To learn more about Service Dog Training, click here.


Therapy Dog Training

Therapy dogs are dogs that go with their handlers to places such as schools, assisted living facilities, hospitals, airports, and more, to provide Animal Assisted Therapy to the individuals at the facility.

Becoming a therapy dog team requires many hours of training, exposure to new environments and many different people, and testing with a therapy dog organization. To learn more about the process of therapy dog testing, please contact us.


Trick & Stunt Dog Training / Fitness Training

Tricks can be as simple as rolling over or jumping through a hoop, or as complicated as retrieving a drink from a fridge or cabinet. It’s a great way to enhance the bong between you and your dog while learning fun (and often very helpful) tricks along the way, or by working on canine conditioning.

There are 4 basic trick levels: novice, intermediate, advanced, and expert. Each level consists of tricks and activities to bringyou and your dog closer together. Trick titles are eligible for AKC recognition! Earning these titles also makes you eligible to participate in Stunt Ring Dog Trials. Stunt Dog Ring trials get teams in a show ring to perform live trick shows! The sport is run by Do More With Your Dog (DMWYD) and has prerequisites that are listed here.

If you are interested in us as a stunt judge for your local Stunt Dog Ring Trials. please contact us. Pricing will depend on travel and other factors.

  • Title Evaluation: $11
  • Travel fees may apply if travelling more than 10 miles

For a video assessment for your title, please contact us.

Fitness titles show off your dog’s level of fitness. There are 4 levels. For more information on the fitness program and exercise lists, please contact us.


Project Trade

Swap gear to make the world kinder for pets.

Click Here to learn more.


Be a Tree

The Be a Tree program is a dog bite prevention seminar for school-age children.

Click Here to learn more.