Why Should I Try Virtual Dog Training?

In the world of technology as we have today, it seems many things are going digital. Photos, mail, music, television have all made it into the digital world. Much of this had led to an increase in easier access to information than ever before. Dog training is no exception! While many people hesitate to try virtual training, the reality is that it has many benefits that surpass training in person. Take a look at some of the perks of virtual training!


Access to qualified humane professionals. While in person training requires you have a trainer local to you (or you’re willing to drive a distance), virtual training allows you to access truly qualified professionals for the type of training you need! This can be for basic manners training, behavior modification, service dog training, you can access credentialed and experienced trainers for various training goals. Don’t limit yourself to local trainers! Get expert help no matter where you are!


Fewer distractions. When a new person enters your home, your dog is likely to be distracted by the newcomer for a while. If your dog has big feelings about strangers entering your home, this can make for a difficult lesson. If your dog has a history of aggressive behavior, virtual training can keep everyone safe while you work on the foundations of behavior modification. Instead of the first lessons consisting mainly of your dog learning to work with a stranger in the home, virtual training can propel your training forward from the get-go! If you take your dog to a local training facility, entering the facility and smelling previous dogs and hearing other lessons wrapping up can be stressful or distracting. The first lesson may consist mainly of allowing your dog to acclimate to the new environment. It can be highly beneficial to have the lesson in your home without the distraction of a stranger!


No travel fees. Having a trainer travel to your home can be pricey, even if they are local! Travel fees can add up quickly, especially with the cost of fuel. Virtual training brings a trainer into your home without the additional fees!


Easier scheduling. Trying to get off work, rush home, eat dinner, get your dog, and get to a training facility is stressful! Even if training takes place on a day you don’t work, you’ll have to account for travel time to and from the facility to schedule around it. Virtual training makes scheduling much easier! It also makes it easier for the trainer to schedule, freeing up more time for more clients. 


If you’ve been on the fence about virtual training, you’ll likely find the jump worth it. A great trainer can coach you and demo behaviors virtually just the same as in person. If you’re looking for manners training or service dog training, please contact us to schedule your virtual training session!